Custom Builds

Building your home with us offers the advantage of working with both a builder and a designer. We value quality over volume, allowing us to personally guide and control every aspect of your home construction.

Ken Boyer is a licensed residential contractor and has a degree in Engineering from the University of Central Florida. With 25 years of experience, we provide constant, personal supervision of the building process delivering an expertly crafted home.
We offer in-house designs to customize or simply get your ideas started. We can work with a design you already love or create something completely new.
We value our relationship with trade partners in the community. Our team works alongside trade experts with mutual trust from years of reliable, consistent communication and partnership.


We are experienced with large, extensive home renovations. As a builder we understand all the challenges and benefits your current home offers. We work with you to think through all of your options and create a new space within something familiar.

Often, remodeling presents unplanned problems and surprises. As a custom builder, we offer expertise that allows us to problem-solve with the whole picture in mind. We aren’t just focused on the new, we have your entire home in mind.
Our employees are expert craftsmen. The combination of our in-house team and long-standing trade partners keeps your project on schedule.
We offer 3-D Renderings and ensure you have a clear picture of how your new or re-created space will fit into your current home.


Our building and construction experience makes us uniquely qualified to provide home inspections. Inspections are vital to giving you peace of mind knowing the state of your home.

We provide a clear to understand report that will highlight any deficiencies in the home and will include detailed photographs.
We arrive with everything we need to thoroughly examine your home including infrared and moisture detection equipment.
We communicate with your realtor and other 3rd parties, when needed, to set up a timely inspection for your closing date.

What Our Clients Say